0.6 V operation, 16 % Faster Set/Reset ReRAM Boost Converter with Adaptive Buffer Voltage for ReRAM and NAND Flash Hybrid Solid-State Drives

Kota Tsurumi, Masahiro Tanaka, Ken Takeuchi
Chuo university


A 0.6 V boost converter with adaptive buffer voltage is proposed for 3D-integrated Random Access Memory (ReRAM) and NAND flash memory hybrid solid-state drives (SSDs). The buffer voltage is changed by 1 or 2 stage charge pump in consideration of program data size. The boost converter with 2-stage charge pump (proposed circuit) decreases set/reset time by 97 % compared with the boost converter without charge pump (conventional 1). When program data size is small, 1 sector (512 Byte), the boost converter with 1-stage charge pump (conventional 2) reduces total program time by 13 % compared with the proposed circuit. When program data size is large, such as 10 sectors, the proposed circuit reduces the total program time by 16 % compared with conventional 2. The boost converter and the charge pump is fabricated by the 180nm standard CMOS process.