Session EP2


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Evening Panel Discussion

6:30pm - 8:30pm


IC & Package Co-Design: Challenge or Dream?  

Organizer:  Marco Casale-Rossi, STMicroelectronics

Moderator: Richard Goering, EETimes




In recent years, major breakthroughs have occurred in packaging technology, which have led to the industrialization of several kinds of new packages, more powerful, and yet more flexible, in the attempt to cope with the challenges posed by multi-million gates and multi-GHz systems-on-a-chip (SOC). While offering a great deal of opportunities, ball-grid array (BGA) substrates, flip-chip and multi-stacked dies require an unprecedented level of integration between IC and package design and verification.            

This integration, however, requires a change in methodology, with the availability of new EDA tools, and a major shift in the profile of the designers and engineers involved which, to a certain extent, have to acquire each other competences.

Although necessary, this cannot be given for granted. While BGA is a reality, flip-chip is still a question mark for the majority of the applications, due to both cost reasons and lack of commercial EDA tools. A package re-use discipline is becoming a must to avoid a package design start for each IC design start, with expensive substrates scraps. How to implement it? Interoperability between Cadence and Synopsys and the rest of the EDA world is a key aspect, as customers donít want to be further bound to few vendorsónor wants the FTC! How to enforce it? 

This panel is not about packages nor about ICs, itís about whether todayís electronic systems can be successfully designed and assembled in their target package, without taking into consideration each other requirements since the very early beginning. Itís about the requirements, the challenges and the on-going initiatives, if any.      





Raul Camposano, CTO, Synopsys                    

Carlo Cognetti, VP Corp. Package Dev., STMicroelectronics    

Aurangzeb Khan, VP Design Foundry, Cadence Design Systems                                        

Nitin Deo , VP Business Development, Magma Design Automation

Lou Scheffer, Architect, Cadence Design Systems








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