Function-Based Test Generation for (Non-Robust)Path Delay Faults using the Launch-Off-Capture Scan Architecture

Rajsekhar Adapa1,  Edward Flanigan1,  Spyros Tragoudas1,  Michael Laisne2,  Hailong Cui2,  Tsvetomir Petrov2
1Southern Illinois University, 2Qualcomm Incorporated


Non-Robust tests for path delay faults(PDFs) have gained importance in industry as a high percentage of PDFs are non-robustly testable in comparison to robustly testable PDFs. In this paper we present a novel method to generate test patterns for the Non-Robust testable PDFs under the launch-off-capture (LOC) scan architecture. In contrast to a recently proposed function-based method [8] which generates LOC tests for the robustly testable paths, the proposed approach presents a new framework which simplifies the test functions and has simpler algorithms for LOC test generation. Experimental results show that the proposed method has less space and time complexity when compared to [8], and is scalable to path intensive designs.