Evening Panel Discussion


Monday March 26, 2007




EDA's Salvation or it's Excuse for being out of touch with engineering?




Resve Saleh , ECE Dept UBC Vancouver



Pallab Chatterjee, SiliconMap



DFM/DFY has been recently touted as the high growth salvation of the EDA industry and it future direction.  At present, DFM is heavily focused on the POST data creation correction of design data in a primitive level soft IP based SOC flow.  The reality of the semiconductor community is they are shifting to a yield predictable, systems based hard mega-cell IP based SOC flow.  This shift relies on a high degree of core competency by the design engineering community that has been systematically suppressed & abstracted by the EDA community.  As a result, this panel will discuss if DFM is really a new problem or just a new label that permits EDA to charge more than what would be expected for a process node update due to a lack of engineering re-education?  Additionally, if DFM really IS a new type of challenge, do we need to and can we afford to re-educate design engineers as to how IC must be done at the latest process generations while simultaneously shifting the core of the semiconductor industry and not have the whole thing collapse?





Robert Dobkins CTO, Linear Technologies Corp

Ivan Pesic CEO/Founder, Silvaco Data Systems

Ken Rygler CEO, Rygler Associates

Juan, Rey, Sr. Engineering Director, Mentor Graphics Corp

Naveed Sherwani CEO/Founder, Open Silicon 

Michael Smayling Sr VP, TelaInnovations, Inc.


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