An SSO Based Methodology for EM Emission Estimation from SoCs

Jairam S1,  Stalin S M1,  Jean-Yves Oberle2,  Udayakumar H1
1TI India, 2TI France


A methodology to estimate electromagnetic (EM) emission from SoCs is presented. The solution works on estimating current spectral components at the SoC periphery by performing power integrity analysis based on simultaneously switching outputs (SSO). These components are then converted to electric and magnetic dipoles. The dipoles are then analysed by a customised field solver, which computes, the field radiation patterns. Antenna models have been generated through the lead frames for quad flat and ball grid array packages. The proposed approach enables unification of SoC periphery analysis platform for timing, signal, power integrity alongwith EM emission estimation. Finally the approach has been demonstrated on various SoC periphery analysis scenarios. A memory interface of a 90nm SOC design has been analysed and results have been compared with silicon measurements.