Variability Analysis for Sub-100 nm PD/SOI Sense-Amplifier

Saibal Mukhopadhyay1,  Rajiv Joshi2,  Keunwoo Kim2,  Ching-Te Chuang2
1Georgia Institute of Technology, 2IBM T. J. Watson Research Center


In this paper we perform a comprehensive analysis of the robustness of PD/SOI sense amplifiers considering floating body effect and random dopant fluctuation effect. Our analysis shows that, minimization of effects of floating body and random dopant fluctuations impose conflicting sizing requirements for different transistors in a sense amplifier. We develop a methodology for sizing of different devices to minimize the input offset voltage of sense amplifier. The proposed analysis and sizing methodology improve the robustness of PD/SOI sense amplifiers and can better exploit the performance advantages of PD/SOI technology.