On the Feasibility of Obtaining a Globally Optimal Floorplanning for an L-shaped Layout Problem

Tsu-Shuan Chang1,  Manish Kumar2,  Teng-Sheng Moh3,  Chung-Li Tseng4
1University of California, Davis, 2University of Missouri-Rolla, 3San Jose State University, 4University of New South Wales, Sydney


The floorplanning for an L-shaped layout problem can be formulated as a global optimization problem. In this paper, we will explore the feasibility of finding a globally optimal solution for such a problem by using an approximation technique. The problem formulation is first explained through a simple example with two L-shaped cells. Then, it is illustrated that the solution obtained by such an approximation can be indeed in the neighborhood of a global optimal solution. Numerical examples are used to demonstrate the possibility of using such an approach to obtain a global optimal solution.