Linear Time Calculation of State-Dependent Power Distribution Network Capacitance

Shiho Hagiwara1,  Koh Yamanaga1,  Ryo Takahashi2,  Kazuya Masu1,  Takashi Sato3
1Integrated Research Institute, TokyoInstitute of Technology, 2The University of Tokyo, 3Kyoto University


A fast calculation tool for state-dependent capacitance of power distribution network is proposed. The proposed method achieves linear time-complexity, which can be more than four orders magnitude faster than a conventional SPICE-based capacitance calculation. Large circuits that have been unanalyzable with the conventional method become analyzable for more comprehensive exploration of capacitance variation. The capacitance obtained with the proposed method agrees SPICE-based method completely (up to 5 digits), and time-linearity is confirmed through numerical experiments on various circuits. The proposed tool facilitates to study capacitance variation, which is necessary to build an accurate macro model of an LSI.