Accurate Statistical Soft Error Rate (SSER) Analysis Using A Quasi-Monte Carlo Framework With Quality Cell Models

Yu-Shin Kuo,  Huan-Kai Peng,  Charles H.-P. Wen
National Chiao Tung University


For CMOS designs in sub 90nm technologies, statistical methods are necessary to accurately estimate circuit SER considering process variations. However, due to the lack of quality statistical models, current statistical SER (SSER) frameworks have not yet achieved high accuracy. In this work, we present accurate table-based cell models, based on which a Monte Carlo SSER analysis framework is built. We further propose a heuristic to customize the use of quasirandom sequences, which successfully speedup the convergence of simulation error and hence shorten the runtime. Experimental results show that this framework is capable of more accurately estimating circuit SSERs with reasonable speed.