Design of Impedance Matching Network in Organic Substrate with Embedded Capacitor Material for SIP Application

Yunfeng Wang
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Integration Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences / The Chinese University of Hong Kong


This paper presents design and simulation of an impedance matching network for GPS using embedded capacitor material which can substitute conventional matching network implemented by discrete lumped devices. The matching networks with ideal devices and commercial Panasonic discrete devices are simulated by ADS, and the one using embedded capacitor material is designed and simulated by 3D field solver software HFSS. The results of these three matching networks are discussed and compared together in a wide frequency band (0.1- 4 GHz) and a narrow frequency band (1.4-1.7 GHz). It can be seen that the electrical performance of matching network designed with embedded capacitor material is closer to ideal, and better than the one which using Panasonic discrete devices. Moreover, this solution eliminates the solder points interconnecting the surface mounted capacitors and inductors, so it has higher reliability than conversional impedance matching solution.