Multi-programming environment for Structure Under Pads ( SUP) and Via Arrays Pattern Recognition Automated Classification System

Suraya Mohd Yusof1 and Lau Meng Tee2


In today’s IC Design, we believe EDA tools are no longer limited to IC designer’s toys. The application of EDA has expanded into larger scope to generate and extract critical information of a design for yield, quality and reliability analysis. In order to support this expanded role, a single tool platform may not be capable and multi-platform programming is required. This paper illustrate an example of using multi-platform programming to resolve a problem that requires the classification of Bond pads vertical build-up and categorizing bond pad via array patterns. The structure under the bond pad is analyzed using layout verification tool which is proven for its capability and reliability. The tool generates a report classifying all bond pads in the design database into 6 categories from none to worst case of having active circuits. The information is critical in optimizing wafersort and wire bonding parameters and the reliability of the product. The via array pattern recognition is achieved using Object Oriented Programming Environment. This provides a fast proto-typing of ideas and provides ample flexibility for expansion and modularization. This tool digitized the top via array into matrices of 0 and 1 and generalized into a sequence of description that characterized a pattern of “Bull Eye”, “Ring”, “Diamond”.