Formal Verification of Full-Wave Rectifier using SPICE Circuit Simulation Traces

Kusum Lata and H S Jamadagni
CEDT,Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore, INDIA


In this paper, we present a case study of formal verification of analog and mixed signal designs using SPICE circuit simulation traces. We consider verifying safety properties of Full Wave Rectifier (FWR) using SPICE circuit simulation traces. We follow the formal verification approach of [1] where authors have used the SPICE circuit simulation traces for doing the formal analysis of the Analog and Mixed Signal circuits. We have used the Checkmate tool from CMU [2], which is a public domain formal verification tool for hybrid systems. Checkmate is built on the top of the Simulink/Stateflow Framework (SSF) from MATLAB from Math Works. Due to restriction imposed by Checkmate it necessitates to make the changes in the Checkmate implementation to implement the complex and non-linear systems. FWR has been implemented by using Checkmate custom blocks and Simulink blocks from MATLAB. The FWR model has been implemented in LTSPICE. The formal verification has been done for both the implementation i.e. Simulink implementation as well as LTSPICE implementation. We are able to efficiently verify the safety properties of the full wave rectifier using simulation traces from Simulink model and LTSPICE simulation.