Suppression of Edge Effects based on Analytic Model for Leakage Current Reduction of sub-40nm DRAM device

Soo Han Choi1,  Young Hee Park1,  Gyu Tae Kim2
1Samsung Electronics, 2Korea University


With the process scaling, the leakage current reduction has been the primary design concerns in a nanometer-era VLSI circuit. In this paper, we propose a new lithography process-aware edge effects correction method to reduce the leakage current in the shallow trench isolation (STI). We construct the various test structures to model Ileakage and Ileakage_fringe which represent the leakage currents at the center and edge of the transistor, respectively. The layout near the active edge is modified using the look-up table generated by the calibrated analytic model. On average, the proposed edge effects correction method reduces the leakage current by 18% with the negligible decrease of the drive current at sub-40nm DRAM device.