A Novel Detailed Routing Algorithm with Exact Matching Constraint for Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits

Qiang Gao,  Hailong Yao,  Qiang Zhou,  Yici Cai
Tsinghua University


In analog and mixed signal design, exact matching requirement is critical for correct functionality of analog devices. However, due to the excessive complexity, it is difficult to consider exact matching constraint in detailed routing stage. This paper presents a novel gridless detailed routing algorithm, which efficiently obtains the optimized detailed routing solutions for a given set of nets with exact matching constraints. The gridless routing algorithm is based on an efficient non-uniform grid model, which enables the obstacles avoidance. To test the e ectiveness of the gridless routing algorithm, a grid routing algorithm and a modi ed exact matching routing algorithm from [5] are also implemented. Experimental results show signi cant improvements of the proposed gridless routing algorithm over the other two algorithms in both QOR and runtime.