Modeling of Random Telegraph Noise under Circuit Operation - Simulation and Measurement of RTN-induced delay fluctuation -

Kyosuke Ito1,  Takashi Matsumoto1,  Shinichi Nishizawa1,  Hiroki Sunagawa1,  Kazutoshi Kobayashi2,  Hidetoshi Onodera3
1Kyoto University, 2Kyoto Institute of Technology, 3Kyoto University, JST, CREST


In this paper, we discuss the impact of Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) on the delay of combinatorial circuits. We have measured RTN-induced delay fluctuation using a circuit matrix array fabricated in a 65nm process. We have also developed an RTN-aware delay model based on the Markov process with the RTN statistical property. From comparison between measured and simulated delay fluctuation data, we indicate the unique RTN-behaviour under circuit operation.