Vertical Slit Field Effect Transistor in Ultra-Low Power Applications

Xiang Qiu1,  Malgorzata Marek-Sadowska1,  Wojciech Maly2
1University of California, Santa Barbara, 2Carnegie Mellon University


Vertical Slit Field Effect Transistors (VeSFETs) are novel twin-gate and junction-less devices with nearly ideal subthreshold swing and manufactured using SOI infrastructure. In this paper, we analyze VeSFETs as potential components of ultra-low power circuits. We compare circuits built with VeSFETs, FinFETs, and bulk-MOSFETs, all in 65nm technology node. Our experiments demonstrate that VeSFET has the smallest intrinsic capacitance and the lowest minimum energy among the studied devices. The Tied-Gate (TG) VeSFET-based circuit operating at the minimum energy point achieves a lower energy and a higher frequency than its Independent-Gate (IG) VeSFET-based counterpart. IG VeSFET achieves lower energy for circuits working at extremely low and relatively wide frequency range.