Power Integrity Analysis and Discrete Optimization of Decoupling Capacitors on High Speed Power Planes by Particle Swarm Optimization

Jai Narayan Tripathi1,  Raj Kumar Nagpal2,  Nitin Kumar Chhabra2,  Rakesh Malik2,  Jayanta Mukherjee1,  Prakash R. Apte1
1IIT Bombay, 2STMicroelectronics Pvt. Ltd.


Power Integrity problem for a high speed plane is discussed in context of selection and placement of decoupling capacitors. The s-parameters data of power plane geometry and capacitors are used for the accurate analysis including bulk capacitors and VRM, for a real world problem. The optimal capacitors and their optimum locations on the board are found using particle swarm optimization. A novel and accurate methodology is presented which can be used for any high speed Power delivery Network.