A 64-core Platform for Biomedical Signal Processing

Jordan Bisasky1,  Houman Homayoun2,  Farhang Yazdani3,  Tinoosh Mohsenin1
1Univ of Maryland - BC, 2George Mason University, 3BroadPak


This paper presents a programmable many-core platform performing biomedical and DSP applications containing 64 cores routed in a hierarchical network. For demonstration, Electroencephalogram (EEG) seizure detection and analysis and ultrasound spectral doppler are mapped onto the cores. The seizure detection and analysis algorithm, takes 900 ns and consumes 240 nJ of energy. Spectral doppler takes 715 ns and consumes 182 nJ of energy. The prototype is implemented in 65 nm CMOS which contains 64 cores, occupies 19.51 mm2 and runs at 1.18 GHz at 1 V.