Analysis, Modeling and Silicon Correlation of Low-voltage Flop Data Retention in 28nm Process Technology

Animesh Datta,  Mohamed Abu-Rahma,  Sachin Dasnurkar,  Hadi Rasouli,  Sean Tamjidi,  Ming Cai,  Samit Sengupta,  PR Chidambaram,  Raghavan Thirumala,  Nikhil Kulkarni,  Prasanna Seeram,  Prasad Bhadri,  Prayag Patel,  Sei Seung Yoon,  Esin Terzioglu


Mobile devices spend most of the time in standby mode. Supported features and functionalities are increasing in each newer model. With the wide spread adaptation of multi-tasking in mobile devices, retaining current status and data for all active tasks is critical for user satisfaction. Extending battery life in portable mobile devices necessitates the use of minimum possible energy in standby mode while retaining present states for all active tasks. This paper, for the first time, explains the low-voltage data-retention failure mechanism in operation. It analyzes the impact of design and process parameters on the data-retention failure. Statistical nature of data retention failure is established and validated with extensive Monte-Carlo simulations across various process corners. Finally, silicon measurements from several 28nm industrial mobile chips is presented showing good correlation of retention failure prediction from simulation.