New Electrical Design Verification Approach for 2.5D/3D Package Signal and Power Integrity

Nozad Karim
Amkor Technology


A 2.5D/3D multi die interposer with TSV (Through Silicon Via) allows massive wide parallel busses between memory and logics devices, improves speed, and significantly reduces power consumption. The TSV and silicon interposer are amongst the most promising technologies that offer the greatest vertical interconnects density. This new establishment will change the semiconductor industry paradigm for many years to come. 2.5D/3D technology introduces a new degree of electrical design complexity which is unfamiliar to many existing electrical design methodologies and EDA tools. A new electrical verification methodology must be developed with consideration to the micro level (TSV and interposer structures) and macro/system level simulation. At the Micro level, modeling of TSV is challenging due to its dependency on the material properties of the medium surrounding it and its impact on the signal losses/attenuation, capacitance effects, and the coupling among the vertical interconnects. At the Macro level, new electrical characteristics of the system need to be closely coupled with the thermal and mechanical tolerances of the entire 2.5D/3D packaging structure in order for its ultra wideband data exchange between logic chip and memory chips. TSV placement on logic and memory chips must be carefully placed during the chip design placement stage in order to avoid unnecessary electromagnetic coupling and faulty logic latching. Traditional separate signal and power integrity analysis methodologies are no longer sufficient due to the close proximity of the power and signal distribution network. In order to accurately predict the performance of 2.5D/3D packages, a new design paradigm shift is needed to toggle 2.5D/3D system performance optimization. New design and modeling approaches along with new breeds of computational electromagnetic EDA tools, are paramount to predicting the performance of 2.5D/3D packages.