Dual-sided Doped Memristor and Its SPICE Modeling for Improved Electrical Properties

Anup Shrivastava1 and Jawar Singh2
1IIITDM, Jabalpur, 2IIITDM,Jabalpur


In this paper, a novel device structure for the memristor with two active layers and it’s nonlinear ionic drift model is presented. We developed the mathematical model using modified nonlinear Joglekar window functions and translated into a compact SPICE model for the proposed memristor. The SPICE simulation results show significant improvement in the memristor ROFF/RON ratio, switching speed, saturation frequency,and device saturation length as compared to single active layer conventional memristor. The proposed memristor also exhibits very good memristive properties even for higher input signal frequencies and increased device dimensions. However, a conventional memristor looses it’s properties for these input signal frequencies and dimensions.