A 40-nm Resilient Cache Memory for Dynamic Variation Tolerance with Bit-Enhancing Memory and On-Chip Diagnosis Structures Delivering ×91 Failure Rate Improvement

Yohei Nakata1,  Yuta Kimi1,  Shunsuke Okumura1,  Jinwook Jung1,  Takuya Sawada1,  Taku Toshikawa1,  Makoto Nagata2,  Hirofumi Nakano3,  Makoto Yabuuchi3,  Hidehiro Fujiwara3,  Koji Nii3,  Hiroyuki Kawai3,  Hiroshi Kawaguchi1,  Masahiko Yoshimoto2
1Kobe University, 2Kobe University, JST CREST, 3Renesas Electronics Corporation


This paper presents a resilient cache memory for dynamic variation tolerance in a 40-nm CMOS. The resilient cache can perform voltage/temperature variation adaptive sustained operations under a large-amplitude voltage droop. To realize sustained operation, the resilient cache exploits 7T/14T bit-enhancing SRAM that can change itself dynamically to a reliable bit-enhancing mode and on-chip voltage/temperature monitoring circuit that can sense a precise supply voltage level of a power rail of the cache. The proposed cache can dynamically reconfigure its operation mode using the voltage/temperature monitoring result and can operate reliably under a large-amplitude voltage droop. It does not fail with 25% and 30% droop of Vdd. It provides ×91 failure rate improvement with a 35% droop of Vdd compared with the conventional design. The processor simulator shows that the proposed cache running in the bit-enhancing mode results in 2.88% IPC loss on average.