Computer Simulation of Radiation-Induced Clock-Perturbation in Phase-Locked Loop with Analog Behavioral Model

Tomohiro FUJITA1,  SinNyoung KIM2,  Hidetoshi ONODERA2
1Ritsumeikan University, 2Kyoto University


A behavioral model of PLL for single event caused by radiation strike is proposed. This model describes the behaviors of the radiation-induced transients in circuit blocks of the PLL. Comparing with SPICE simulation, the simulation result of our proposed model is identical to that of SPICE, and our proposed model is about 2,500 times faster. The minimization strategy of the recovery time from the single event is investigated with our behavioral model. After large number of simulation, we could find that the system with the dumping factor near 1 is optimal design for the recovery time. Thanks to the high-speed behavioral simulation, we could reach this conclusion within a short period of time.