A Framework for MPSoC Generation and Distributed Applications Evaluation

Guilherme Machado de Castilhos,  Eduardo Weber Wachter,  Guilherme Afonso Madalozzo,  Augusto Gosmann Erichsen,  Thiago M├ónica Monteiro,  Fernando Gehm Moraes


The design of MPSoCs is a complex task. From the designer side point of view, a new feature inserted into the system (e.g. a mapping heuristic or a new function in the operating system) must be validated with a large set of the MPSoC configurations. From the application developer side point of view, the performance of a set of applications running simultaneously in the MPSoC platform must be also evaluated for different MPSoC configurations. Therefore, for both designers and application developers a framework enabling the automatic MPSoCs generation and simulation is mandatory for design space exploration. This is the goal of the present work, present a parameterizable MPSoC, including distributed management, and a framework to generate and simulate several MPSoCs configurations automatically. Results show that it is feasible to simulate large platforms, up to 400 processing elements, using a cycle accurate SystemC description.