Assessing Uniqueness and Reliability of SRAM-based Physical Unclonable Functions from Silicon Measurements in 45-nm bulk CMOS

Hidehiro Fujiwara,  Makoto Yabuuchi,  Koji Nii
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) can be used for security applications such as authentication, secure key generation and so on. Especially, SRAM-based PUFs are major candidates because of small area and reusability of IPs. In this paper, we compare three SRAM-based PUFs, power-on with and without divided-power control and Low/Low write schemes, from the viewpoints of uniqueness and reliability. By the measurement results of test chips fabricated in a 45-nm process technology, although uniqueness are almost the same in three schemes, we confirmed that power-on with divided power-control achieves higher reliability.