A 2-Layer Laser Multiplexed Photonic Network-on-Chip

Dharanidhar Dang,  Biplab Patra,  Rabi N. Mahapatra
Texas A&M University


Two-dimensional Photonic NoC has been proposed with laser resources. Such photonic NoCs meet high-bandwidth requirements but at the cost of significant power consumptions. In this paper, we propose a low-power and low cost solution to photonic NoC. A 2-layer photonic NoC architecture with laser multiplexing has been designed using a separate ring waveguide layer towards realizing 3D photonic NoC. This approach is first of its kind in designing high-performance and low-power Photonic NoC architecture. The design approach is scalable. The demonstrated example results in 75% reduction in the number of on-chip lasers and 50% reduction in power dissipation compared to recently reported results.