The Low Power Design of SM4 Cipher with Resistance to Differential Power Analysis

Yanbo Niu and Anping Jiang
Beijing Microelectronic Technology Institute


The 128-bit SM4[1] algorithm is the first commercial cipher published by China, which is mainly used in wireless LAN. In this design, SM4 S-box tingled with additive masking is implemented and optimized based on PPRM architecture. The simulation results show that the counteractive against Differential Power Analysis attack is reliable, A power consumption of 186μW@10Mhz using SMIC 0.18μm technology is achieved, which is 50% less than the SM4 S-Box in composite field. Finally, 4-stage pipelined SM4 cipher circuit is realized with an area of 18609 gates.The corresponding throughput rate can reach 2Gbps with a power consumption of 3.65mW@10Mhz.