Domain Wall Motion-based Low Power Hybrid Spin-CMOS 5-bit Flash Analog Data Converter

Karthik Yogendra,  Mei-Chin Chen,  Xuanyao Fong,  Kaushik Roy
Purdue University


In this paper, we present a low power hybrid spin-CMOS 5-bit Flash analog data converter (ADC). Our design is based on domain wall motion based spin switches with switching current and delay of ~50μA per switch and 1ns, respectively, with low impedance input that enables low power operation. Spin switches can be an attractive alternative to the ‘power hungry’ comparators generally used in CMOS-based Flash ADCs. The state of the spin switches is converted efficiently into digital output using CMOS based latches and decoder. Our proposed 5-bit spin-based Flash ADC can achieve an average and worst case energy consumption of 1.81pJ and 3.5pJ, respectively, at 500 MS/s.