Trading-Off System Load and Communication in Mapping Heuristics for Improving NoC-based MPSoCs Reliability

Marcelo Mandelli1,  Luciano Ost2,  Gilles Sassatelli3,  Fernando Moraes1
1PUCRS, 2University of Leicester, 3LIRMM


Improving embedded systems lifetime and reliability become a major concern for the semiconductor industry. Imbalanced mapping of applications may considerably impact on system lifetime since processors and NoC links located in hotspot zones may age faster than others, compromising the overall system performance. This work proposes a dynamic mapping heuristic that makes a trade-off between processors’ load and NoC communication volume, aiming to increase system reliability. Results show the proposed heuristic provides a well-balanced workload distribution while reducing communication volume. Results showed that proposed mapping reduces application execution time (average 10%) and hotspots zones when compared to conventional mapping approaches.