Optimization of Dynamic Power Consumption in Multi-Tier Gate-Level Monolithic 3D ICs

Sheng-En(David) Lin, Partha Pande, Dae Hyun Kim
Washington State University


Monolithic three-dimensional (3D) integration enables the most fine-grained integration of transistors by stacking very thin layers and fabricating monolithic inter-layer vias as small as local vias. Thus, monolithic 3D integration is expected to provide a higher degree of wirelength reduction, performance improvement, and power saving. Due to the prospective properties of the monolithic 3D integration technology, research on multi-layer monolithic 3D integration that stacks more than two device layers is also ongoing. In this paper, we propose an algorithm that optimizes dynamic power consumption of gate-level monolithic 3D ICs. Under the same timing constraints, our algorithm reduces dynamic power consumption more effectively than a uniform-scaling-based placement algorithm. We also design multi-tier monolithic 3D ICs and show that our algorithm outperforms the uniform-scaling-based placement algorithm by 11.4\% on average.