A SPICE-based Framework to Emulate Quantum Circuits with classical LC Resonators

Md Mazharul Islam1, Shafayat Hossain2, Ahmedullah Aziz3
1The University of Tennessee, 2Princeton University, 3University of Tennessee, Knoxville


A circuit system consisting of LC-oscillators are mathematically shown to emulate quantum circuits. Here we develop a SPICE-based framework for emulating universal quantum gates (the phase-shift, the Hadamard, and the CNOT gates). To reconstruct each gate behavior, the inductors and capacitors are chosen and tuned precisely. Each quantum state is perfectly described by the phase and amplitude of each oscillator. In principle, our framework can simulate a quantum system with any arbitrary number of qubits since each gate process is perfectly achieved. Finally, we have simulated a quantum circuit with 3 qubits as input that consists of all the universal quantum gates. Our simulation result shows that our framework can classically emulate the result of any quantum circuit with an arbitrary number of qubits and quantum logic components