Chip-Package Co-Design in the Analog World for Fast Time To Revenue

Anindya Poddar and Luu Nguyen

Package Technology Group, National Semiconductor Corporation, Santa Clara, CA


Much has been said about chip-package co-design for digital systems in order to achieve fast time-to-market. However, not much information for an equivalent methodology can be found for the analog world. This lack of information stems from barriers erected by proprietary designs, custom processes and package technologies from different semiconductor houses. This paper will discuss a general co-design methodology used at National Semiconductor to introduce a product for fastest time-to-revenue. Whether a product is destined for a "vertical" market or a "broad" market dictates the different steps in the flow, from product definition, customer engagement, brainstorming, prototyping, reliability and certification, application collateral, contract manufacturers, etc. The ultimate goal of such a flow is to ensure a "Right the First Time" deliverable. Selected examples from a few recent case studies will be provided for illustration.