International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED)

ISQED 2012 Lunch Tutorial

Monday, March 19, 2012


Rooms: TBD

Why Your Extraction Tool Needs to Be Like a Speed Skater at 28nm!

Carey Robertson, Product Marketing Director, Calibre Extraction

Rick Pier, Engineering Manager, Calibre Extraction

Olympic Speed Skaters must have two overarching qualities to win—of course they must be very fast, but they also must be very accurate. You need to be best at both to come in first. The same is true for IC extraction tools for advanced nodes. Mentor Graphics is hosting a lunch seminar to educate IC designers on the latest extraction issues, such as double patterning and FinFet modeling, and why they need faster yet more accurate extraction tools at 28nm and below. The session will discuss the technical challenges and provide customer case studies demonstrating what can be achieved with the latest generation of extractions tools from Mentor.


Who should attend:

  • IC designers who have a need for more accurate extraction but also must maintain existing turnaround time.
  • Designers who want to maintain current extraction accuracy but need to speed up their cycle time.
  • Designers who need a tool that can do full chip extraction with high accuracy.


What You Will Learn:

  • Why traditional extraction approaches are failing to meet 28 nm requirements.
  • How tools need to change to meet the new challenges.
  • What to look for in advanced extraction tools.
  • Implications for your use models and tool flows.
  • How you can use the new technology on your next design project.


About Rick Pier

Rick Pier

Rick Pier is a Senior Engineering Manager at Mentor Graphics Corp., overseeing engineering activities for extraction products. He has been with Mentor Graphics since 1995 in engineering management, technical marketing, applications engineering and technical consulting roles. Before joining Mentor Graphics, Rick was a design engineer at Siemens Medical Systems-Ultrasound Group, Boeing High Technology Center, Singer - Link Flight Simulation Division and FLIR Systems. Rick holds a graduate degree in technical management from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, a MSEE from the University of Washington and a BSEE from Marquette University. Rick is an IEEE Senior Member.


About Carey Robertson

Carey Robertson

Carey Robertson is a Director of Product Marketing at Mentor Graphics Corp., overseeing the marketing activities for LVS and extraction products. He has been with Mentor Graphics for eleven years in various product and technical marketing roles. Prior to Mentor Graphics, Carey was a design engineer at Digital Equipment Corp., working on microprocessor design. Carey holds a BS from Stanford University and an MS from UC Berkeley.