International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED)
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Program at a Glance


Press Room
Press Room


ISQED 2013 Conference Organizing Committee

General Chair

Keith Bowman, Qualcomm (Chair)


Technical Programs

Mark Budnik, Valparaiso University (Chair)
Syed M. Alam, Everspin Technologies (Co-Chair)


Embedded Tutorials

Anand Iyer, AMD (Chair)


Kamesh Gadepally, Texas Instruments (Chair)

Rajiv Joshi, IBM ( Co-Chair)


Rasit Topaloglu, IBM(Chair)


Georgia Marszalek, ValleyPR LLC


Paul Wesling, IEEE

Special Issues

Daniela De Venuto, Polytechnic of Bari (Chair)

Grants & Exhibits

Pallab Chatterjee, Silicon Map (Chair)

Sponsored Events

Kris Verma, Silicon Valley Polytechnic Inst. (Chair)




Global Representatives

Jeong-Taek Kong, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea (Chair, Korea)

Masahiro Fujita, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (Chair, Japan)

Daniela De Venuto, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy (Chair, Europe)

George Ph. Alexiou, University of Patras and Computer Technology Institute, Patras, Greece (Vice Chair, Europe)

Tan Beng Teong, SHRDC, Malaysia (Chair, Malaysia)

Mely Chen Chi, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan (Chair, Taiwan)

Jane Wang, Research & Development Dept., Cadence Taiwan, Inc. (Vice Chair, Taiwan)

Eesa Al Bastaki, Dubai Silicon Oasis, (Chair, Middle-East)

Fabiano Passuelo Hessel, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, (Chair, Brazil & South America)

Ravi Sunkavalli, Achronix Semiconductor Corp , (Chair, India)