International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED)

Keynotes at ISQED 2017

Tuesday & Wednesday March 14-15

Driverless Vehicles: Looking Ahead

Raj Rajkumar Prof. Raj Rajkumar

Raj Rajkumar - George Westinghouse Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Self-driving vehicles seem to have become quite the rage in popular culture over just the past few years, triggered in good part by the DARPA Grand Challenges. Self-driving vehicles indeed hold the potential to revolutionize modern transportation. This talk will provide some insights on many basic questions that, need to be addressed for the revolution to take place in practice. What are the technological barriers that currently prevent vehicles to be driverless? What can or cannot be sensed or recognized? Can vehicles recognize and comprehend as good as, if not better than, humans? Does connectivity play a role? Will the technology be affordable only for the few? How do issues like liability, insurance, regulations and societal acceptance impact adoption? The talk will be based on road experiences and will add some speculation.

About Raj Rajkumar

Prof. Raj Rajkumar is the George Westinghouse Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. At Carnegie Mellon, he directs the National University Transportation Center for Safety, which is sponsored by the US Department of Transportation. He also directs the Real-Time and Multimedia Systems Laboratory (RTML), and co-directs the General Motors-Carnegie Mellon Connected and Autonomous Driving Collaborative Research Laboratory (CAD-CRL). Raj has served as the Program Chair and General Chair of six international ACM/IEEE conferences on real-time systems, wireless sensor networks, cyber-physical systems and multimedia computing/networking. He has authored one book, edited another book, holds three US patents, and has more than 160 publications in peer-reviewed forums. Eight of these publications have received Best Paper Awards. He has given several keynotes and distinguished lectures at several international conferences and universities. He is an IEEE Fellow, an ACM Distinguished Engineer and a co-recipient of the IEEE Simon Ramo Medal. He has been given an Outstanding Technical Achievement and Leadership Award by the IEEE Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems. Prof Rajkumar’s work has influenced many commercial operating systems. He was also the primary founder of Ottomatika Inc., a company that focused on delivering the core software intelligence for self-driving vehicles. Ottomatika was recently acquired by Delphi. His research interests include all aspects of cyber-physical systems.

Automotive, IoT Driving New Semiconductor IP and Compliance Requirements

Navraj Nandra Navraj Nandra

Navraj Nandra - Senior Director of Interface IP - Synopsys

The stringent design requirements for automotive and IoT system-on-chips is requiring the industry to adopt advanced process technologies such as 16-/14-nm and 7-nm to meet performance, power and area targets. Moving to these FinFET processes has significant implications on physical IP design. In addition, designers now have to meet functional and operational safety compliance for these automotive and IoT systems. Functional safety for IoT is typically categorized under IEC 61508.To meet the increasing demand for safety critical driver assistance systems, IP providers need to ensure that their products meet stringent automotive standards such as ISO 26262 functional safety, AEC-Q100 reliability testing and TS 16949 quality management. This presentation will discuss the technical specifications for automotive and IoT designs with respect to interface (USB, PCI Express, DDR) and foundation IP. This will include how Synopsys addresses the impact of aging/reliability such as HTOL, EM, TDDB, NBTI for physical IP on FinFET process technologies. The impact of the compliance requirements for these two market segments will also be presented for soft IP such as the addition of functional safety diagnostics.

About Navraj Nandra

Navraj Nandra is the Sr. Director of Marketing for the DesignWare Interface and Analog IP at Synopsys. He has worked in the semiconductor industry since the mid 80's as an analog/mixed signal IC designer for Philips Semiconductors, Austria Micro Systems, (San Jose & Austria) and EM-Marin (Switzerland). Navraj holds a masters degree in Microelectronics, majoring in analog IC design, from Brunel University and a post-graduate diploma in Process Technology from Middlesex University.