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ISQED Best Papers

ISQED 2009

Small Embeddable NBTI Sensors (SENS) for Tracking On-Chip Performance Decay

Adam Cabe, Zhenyu Qi, Stuart Wooters, Travis Blalock, Mircea Stan          

University of Virginia

Power & Variability Test Chip Architecture and 45nm-Generation Silicon-Based

Analysis for Robust, Power-Aware SoC Design

Ramnath Venkatraman, Ruggero Castagnetti, Andres Teene, Benjamin Mbouombouo, Shiva Ramesh

LSI Corporation

3D-GCP: An Analytical Model for the Impact of Process Variations on the

Critical Path Delay Distribution of 3D ICs

Siddharth Garg and Diana Marculescu

Carnegie Mellon University

ISQED 2008

A methodology for characterization of large macro cells and IP blocks considering process variations
   Amit Goel(1), Sarma Vrudhula(1), Feroze Taraporevala(2), Praveen Ghanta(2)
             (1)Arizona State University, (2)Synopsys Inc.

Characterization of Standard Cells for Intra-Cell Mismatch Variations
  Savithri Sundareswaran(1), Jacob Abraham(2), Alexandre Ardelea(1), Rajendran Panda(1)
     (1)Freescale Semiconductor, (2)University of Texas at Austin

Design Margin Exploration of Spin-Torque Transfer RAM (SPRAM)
    Yiran Chen, Xiaobin Wang, Hai Li, Hongyue Liu, Dimitar Dimitrov
Seagate LLC

ISQED 2007

Design of a Window Comparator with Adaptive Error Threshold for Online Testing Applications

Amit Laknaur, Rui Xiao, Sai Raghuram Durbha, Haibo Wang

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Assessing the Implications of Process Variations on Future Carbon Nanotube Bundle Interconnect Solutions

Arthur Nieuwoudt and Yehia Massoud

Rice University

A DOE Set for Normalization-Based Extraction of Fill Impact on Capacitances

Andrew B. Kahng and Rasit O. Topaloglu

University of California San Diego

ISQED 2006

Improving Transient Error Tolerance of Digital VLSI Circuits Using

Robustness Compiler (ROCO)

Chong Zhao, Sujit Dey

University of California At San Diego , La Jolla , Ca

System-Level SRAM Yield Enhancement

Fadi Kurdahi *, Ahmed Eltawil *, Rouwaida Kanj **, Young-Hwan Park *, Sani Nassif**

*UC Irvine, Irvine , CA , **IBM Austin Research Labs., Austin , TX

Power Gating with Multiple Sleep Modes

Kanak Agarwal*, Harmander Deogun**, Dennis Sylvester**, Kevin Nowka*

*IBM Research, Austin , TX , ** University of Michigan , Ann Arbor , MI

FASER: Fast Analysis of Soft Error Susceptibility for Cell-Based Designs

Bin Zhang, Wei-shen Wang, Michael Orshansky

University of Texas , Austin , TX

ISQED 2005

Noise Library Characterization for Large Capacity Static Noise Analysis Tools

    Alex Gyure, Alireza Kasnavi, Sam Lo, Peivand F. Tehrani, William Shu, Mahmoud Shahram, Joddy W. Wang, Jindrich Zedja

Synopsys Inc., Mountain View, CA

A Mask Reuse Methodology for Reducing System-on-a-Chip Cost

    Subhrajit Bhattacharya, John A. Darringer, Daniel L. Ostapko, Youngsoo Shin

IBM Corp., Yorktown Heights, NY

A New Method for Robust Design of Digital Circuits

    Dinesh Patil, Sunghee Yun, Seung-Jean Kim, Alvin Cheung, Mark     Horowitz, Stephen Boyd

Stanford University, Stanford, CA

A Min-Variance Iterative Method for Fast Smart Dummy Feature Density Assignment in Chemical-Mechanical Polishing

    Xin Wang, Charles Chiang, Jamil Kawa, Qing Su

Synopsys Inc., Mountain View, CA

ISQED 2004

SRAM Leakage Suppression by Minimizing Standby Supply Voltage
Huifang Qin, Yu Cao, Dejan Markovic, Andrei Vladimirescu, Jan Rabaey,
University of California at Berkeley

Scan BIST Targeting Transition Faults Using a Markov Source
Hangkyu Lee*, Irith Pomeranz*, Sudhakar M. Reddy**
*Purdue University, **University of Iowa

Application Specific Worst Case Corners using Response Surfaces and Statistical Models
Manidip Sengupta, Sharad Saxena, Lidia Daldoss, Glen Kramer, Sean Minehane, Jianjun Cheng
PDF Solutions

Robustness Enhancement through Chip-Package Co-Design for High-Speed Electronics
Meigen Shen, Li-Rong Zheng, Hannu Tenhunen
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

ISQED 2003

Design and Measurement of an Inductance-Oscillator for Analyzing Inductance Impact on On-Chip Interconnect Delay

Takashi Sato*, Hiroo Masuda**

*Hitachi, Ltd., Kyoto University,Tokyo, Japan, **Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center, Kanagawa, Japan

ISQED 2002

Pre-route Noise Estimation in Deep Submicron Integrated Circuits

Murat R. Becer*, Rajendran Panda*, David Blaauw**, Ibrahim N. Hajj***

*Motorola, **University of Michigan, ***American University, Beirut

ISQED 2001

Color Counting and its Application to Path Delay Fault Coverage

Jayant Deodhar*, Spyros Tragoudas**

*Intel, **Southern Illinois University

A System for Automatic Recording and Prediction of Design Quality Metrics

Andrew B. Khang, Stefanus Mantik


ISQED 2000

On Effective IDDQ Testing of Low Voltage CMOS Circuits Using Leakage Control Techniques

Zhanping Chen*, Liqiong Wei*,Kaushik Roy**

*Intel, Purdue University

Synthesis Experiments and Performance Metrics for Evaluating the Quality of IP Blocks and Megacells

Tomas Bautista and Antonio Nunez

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Quick On-Chip Self- and Mutual-Inductance Screen

Shen Lin, Norman Chang, Sam Nakagawa

Hewlett-Packard Laboratories